PHP class to get remote page title and description

This PHP class will help you get remote page title and description. Could be useful for automating link exchanges.

PHP functions that are doing most work are:


class metatags {
	var $title = '';
	var $description = '';
	var $error_invalid_url = 'Error';   //message to display if the url can't be loaded
	var $error_no_title = 'Untitled';	//display if title is not set
	var $error_no_desc = 'None set';	//display if description is not set

	function getmetadata($url){
		//make sure URL is formated correctly
		if (strstr($url, 'http://') == false){
			$url = 'http://'.$url;
		//get file contents
		$d = file_get_contents($url);
		//display error if site can't be loaded
		if (!$d) { 
			echo $this->error_invalid_url;
		//shorten string
		$line = substr($d, 0, 3000);
			//remove linebreaks from the string
			$linebreaks   = array("rn", "n", "r");
			//Processes rn's first so they aren't converted twice.
			$line = str_replace($linebreaks, '', $line);
			// This only works if the title and its tags are on one line 
			if (eregi ("(.*)", $line, $out)) {
				$this->title = $out[1];
		//get description
		$desc = get_meta_tags($url);
		$this->description = $desc['description'];	

	//get title
	function get_title(){
			return $this->error_no_title;
			return $this->title;	
	//get description
	function get_description(){
			return $this->error_no_desc;
			return $this->description;	


$meta = new metatags();

//get title	
echo $meta->get_title();

//get description
echo $meta->get_description();

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